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Fonseca at OM, it’s validated

To succeed Jean-Louis Gasset next summer, OM has ticked the name of Paulo Fonseca. A choice validated by Eric Di Meco.

The 2023-2024 Olympique de Marseille season is still in full swing and the Marseille leaders are already hard at work creating the outlines of the team for the next year. And it’s not just about the players, but also about the coach. After changing coaches three times this season (Marcelino, Gennaro Gattuso and Jean-Louis Gasset), OM must make a decision on the name of who will lead the team from this summer. To succeed Jean-Louis Gasset, whose hundred-day lease ends in a few weeks, it is Paulo Fonseca who is currently the first choice. And that pleases some people.

Among them, a former player who became a consultant expressed his joy at seeing the Lille coach being in Pablo Longoria’s good books. Speaking on Friday on RMC, the consultant explained why: “ If he’s the one who comes, I’ll sign with both hands right away. I’m going to pick him up in Lille so he doesn’t get lost at the airport. » However, Di Meco noted several small problems in the Marseille candidacy: “ The only worry there is is that (Paulo Fonseca) will be called upon and there is a good chance that OM will play neither the Champions League nor the Europa League. So it could work against OM. »

Too big for OM?

And the 93 European champion with Marseille lists the advantages of recruiting the Lille tactician: “ Be careful, there are others who can make the cut, except that he knows the French championship, he has already been confronted at the high level, and above all he is promised a great future. The most worrying thing is that he is having such a good season (…) that he will suddenly be in high demand. And I wonder if it is not already too big for Marseille. »

Already targeted by OM last season, Paulo Fonseca was retained by Losc. A year later, the situation has changed and it is now the Portuguese who is in a preferential position. The end of the Marseille season already promises to be crucial in the choice that Fonseca could make. No Europe, and the affair would be off to a bad start. If Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and his teammates manage to grab a place in the Europa League (at least), then everything would seem possible.


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