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Elon isn’t the only one feeling betrayed: Schools are spreading a woke virus

Elon Musk may be the richest man in the world, but he faces a problem common to all American families: revival schools.

In an excerpt from his forthcoming biography of Musk published Thursday in the Wall Street Journal, Walter Isaacson revealed a bombshell.

Not only does Musk blame his transgender daughter’s progressive Los Angeles school for their estrangement, but his experiences of being infected with the ‘Waking Mind Virus’ at school led him to buy Twitter (now X) , which Musk said “had been infected with a similar mindset that drowned out right-wing and dissenting voices.

Isaacson reported that Musk was “generally optimistic” when he found out his oldest child, Xavier, was transgender and wanted to be called Jenna. But then Jenna became a devout Marxist and broke off all relations.

Musk’s diagnosis is correct. Our country’s primary and secondary schools, and especially its elite private schools, have completely changed their missions in recent years. They abandoned academic excellence and classical liberalism, became hostile to free speech and open speech, and embraced a political education of building progressive activists.

Here’s a quote from Musk’s daughter’s school website: “Social justice is woven into every student’s experience at Crossroads, illuminating the lens through which they see the world. The K-12 curriculum provides students with a progressively nuanced exploration of historical and current inequalities: locally, nationally, and internationally.

Musk was reportedly “generally optimistic” when he found out his eldest, Xavier, was transgender and wanted to be called Jenna.


My own daughter experienced the same type of progressive indoctrination at her old school in New York, the Brearley School, which I exposed in a letter I sent to every Brearley family in the spring of 2021 – a letter that has become unexpectedly viral and helped ignite what has become the national parenting movement.

The foundation of each school’s awakened indoctrination program is its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion — words that have completely different meanings than the schools claim.

Diversity is not a celebration of our differences, but rather how schools divide society into victims and oppressors based on race, gender and identity. Today, the identity group that receives the most attention is that of transgender children. Here we see the roots of the transgender social contagion that indoctrinated Musk’s elder.

For a school to be “inclusive”, everyone must feel a sense of belonging. Children need to see their own identity in every book, every project, every assignment. Most importantly, school should be a ‘safe space’, completely free from danger. These are code words to end free speech, as Musk rightly implied.

Finally, there is fairness. The Orwellian co-option of the words by the left has ensured that fairness, equality, justice, democracy and human rights all mean the same thing: a world of equal outcomes. Or in other words, a world hostile to capitalism and freedom and embracing Marxism, as Musk foresaw.

Vivian Wilson and Elon Musk
Musk blames his transgender daughter’s progressive Los Angeles school for their estrangement, but his experiences of being infected with the ‘Waking Mind Virus’ at school led him to buy Twitter.
Justine Musk

I disagree with Musk on one point. Woke is not just a “mental virus”. It is more precisely an “institutional virus”. While many young people have indeed been infected and indoctrinated through their schools and social media, most Americans have not. Instead, they have been silenced by the institutions of our country. This is how the wake invaded our society. Not by taking over minds but by taking over institutions.

I am writing this article not from my old home in New York or my new home in Florida, but from a hotel room in England. For what? Because on Sunday we are dropping our daughter off at a British boarding school. I would have liked to find a suitable school in the United States, but I couldn’t.

To go abroad

I don’t believe there’s a single strong college school in America that’s unaffected by the revival virus—a terrifying thought. Truth be told, I’m not sure there is one in the English-speaking world, as elite British schools are on the same enlightened path as American schools. But at least some British schools still value free speech and teach Shakespeare.

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter was one of the few optimistic moments in the fight against illiberal awakening and the fight to preserve free speech. I encourage him. But Musk identified a far more dangerous threat to society: our country’s schools. If we don’t quickly find a way to end the Marxist indoctrination of our children, I fear we will lose not only America, but all of Western civilization.

Andrew Gutmann is a Republican congressional candidate for Florida’s 22nd District. https://andrewgutmann.com/


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