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Christian passenger urges passengers to pray before launching anthem

By Mackenzie Tatananni for Dailymail.Com

00:39 November 21, 2023, updated 06:35 November 21, 2023

  • The woman screamed that she was being kidnapped and fought with flight attendants.
  • Another passenger joined the melee, claiming the woman had been possessed.
  • The commotion was captured in a video posted on social media site Reddit.
  • Were you on this flight? Contact mackenzie.tatananni@mailonline.com

A Frontier Airlines passenger was filmed collapsing during a flight – while a nearby pastor implored others to pray, before breaking into song.

The chaos was captured in a video uploaded to social media site Reddit.

It begins after drama erupted aboard Flight 1161 on November 16, with a woman sobbing and swearing at airline employees as they dragged her down the aisle.

“Stop pulling my arm!” » she barks, letting out a blood-curdling scream.

A passenger wearing a gray beanie enters the frame and follows the employees as they lead the screaming woman toward the front of the plane.

A woman aboard a Frontier Airlines flight screamed that she was being kidnapped as employees tried to restrain her.
A woman wearing a gray beanie joined the fray, attempting to mediate and speak to the distraught passenger.
A woman wearing sunglasses stood up from her seat, threatening to fight her ‘straight Texas style’

She raises her hand and begins to speak to the woman as she struggles and throws her head back. Miraculously, the woman stops panicking and looks at her.

The video then cuts to an apparent confrontation between a man wearing a white baseball cap and a staff member wearing a collared shirt.

Other passengers scream. Some hold up their phones to capture the chaos unfolding in front of them.

“Take him down too!” Bring him down too! shouts another passenger.

Seeing that they are distracted, the woman begins to climb onto the seats, lifting her legs and falling sideways.

Other passengers get up and rush down the aisle to escape as the woman moves forward. She is eventually led back into the aisle before collapsing into a seat.

As a female voice from the back of the plane begins to shout, the camera swings, revealing a woman wearing a pair of sunglasses.

“Straight the Texas way!” I’m going to beat the a** out of you!’ she shouts.

A man wearing a white baseball cap appeared in front of one of the employees, who was wearing a gray collared shirt.
The panic was captured in a video uploaded to social media site Reddit.
The terrified woman began climbing over the seats, forcing other passengers to rush down the aisle to escape.
The woman in the hat began pacing the aisle, claiming the passenger was “possessed.”

The first woman starts panicking again, shouting, “Stop blocking me!” I’ve been kidnapped!’ before punching one of the employees.

A flight attendant’s voice comes over the speaker system.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I need everyone to take their seats,” she said forcefully.

‘Please. The only people who need to get up are those who work with the passenger. By now, the woman had reached the seats on the opposite side of the plane.

‘Stop making fun of me! Stop!’ » she shouts before raising her arms and proclaiming: “Hands in the air!”

She puts her hands on the luggage compartments and continues to scream, demanding that the staff let go of her.

The woman in the gray hat begins to pace the aisle, proclaiming that the breakdown is evidence of a “real devil who wants to kill every single one of you, including your family members.”

She continues to shout, wagging her finger: “It’s not her!” She’s possessed! She needs help!

“And I’m sorry to sound like that, but I’ll tell you right now, Jesus Christ is the way to truth in life and no one will come to God the Father without Jesus Christ.”

It’s unclear if this woman knows the collapsing passenger.

Meanwhile, another employee dressed in a brown sweater appears to console the first woman, rubbing her shoulders as they stand at the front of the plane.

“Who does not have a relationship with Jesus Christ? asks the woman in the hat while people mumble. “If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ, I suggest you find one. »

“We’re trying to go,” one passenger said, sounding exasperated.

She stood at the front of the plane and began singing gospel music as Frontier staff attempted to put the panicked woman back on her feet.
An employee, dressed in a brown sweater and helmet, kissed the passenger and rocked her back and forth like a baby.
Finally, a police officer came on board. He stepped aside, allowing the woman to return to her place.

The video cuts out once again. The woman in the hat is now standing at the front of the plane.

She begins singing gospel music while the flight attendants try to subdue the panicked passenger, who shouts, “You’re fighting me!” Stop beating me! » and collapses to the ground.

The employee in the brown sweater hugs her and continues to rub her back and rock her like a baby.

The woman in the sunglasses got up.

“No one plays with you, girl!” You are crazy? Come on, I’m going to go crazy with you,” she shouts.

The police arrive on board. An officer stands in the aisle and speaks to staff members.

“We have to get her off,” remarks a passenger with a laugh.

But the officer steps aside, allowing the woman – who is flushed and wiping tears from her eyes – to return to her seat.

The flight left Houston at 1:39 p.m. and was supposed to land in Denver, but was ultimately diverted to Dallas, flight records show.

Speaking exclusively to Dailymail.com, a woman whose son was on the flight explained: “They had to stop in Dallas to let the crazy woman, the preacher and the guy in the white baseball cap go.”

She added that “the crazy woman hit and attacked the flight attendant who blocked her several times.”

Frontier Airlines was not immediately available for comment.

The scene looked eerily similar to the viral video of marketing executive Tiffany Gomas, who had a similar breakdown aboard an American Airlines flight in July.

Gomas rushed to the front of the plane and told other passengers she was getting off because the plane was unsafe, before accusing another passenger of “not being real.”

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