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British ambassador to Russia summoned – RT in French

Russian diplomacy has decided to summon the representative of the United Kingdom in Moscow, in order to present to him the evidence of British involvement in the sabotage of the gas pipelines and in the attack against the Black Sea Fleet.

Russia has summoned the British ambassador to Moscow to hand over what it says is ‘evidence’ of London’s involvement in recent attacks on the Russian fleet in Crimea and in the sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea , as Russian diplomacy announced on 2 November.

Upon her arrival on November 3 at the Russian Foreign Ministry, British Ambassador Deborah Bronnert was greeted by the boos of dozens of people shouting “Britain is a terrorist country!”, The episode coming again illustrate the terrible nature of relations between the two countries.

“There is of course no doubt about the involvement of the British secret service [dans ces deux actions]“, had declared to the press on November 2 the spokesperson for Russian diplomacy, Maria Zakharova, specifying that the public would be “made aware of the elements which will be given as evidence to the British part” via social networks and the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Russia accuses the United Kingdom of being behind the explosions that damaged the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea in September, built to transport Russian gas to Europe. On October 29, the Russian army also accused “British specialists” based in Otchakov, in the Mykolaiv region of Ukraine, of being involved in a Ukrainian drone attack against its fleet stationed in Sevastopol Bay, in Crimea.

Maria Zakharova also commented on comments by the UK MoD, which quickly dismissed Moscow’s accusations saying that they, described as “false claims of epic proportions”, were only intended to “deflect the attention to his disastrous handling of the illegal invasion of Ukraine”. According to the spokesperson, the reaction of the British ministry is “very strange”, insofar as a direct dialogue with the Russian authorities, and not via social networks, could have made it possible to clarify the points raised. This zeal to proclaim British innocence is equivalent, in the eyes of the spokesperson, to an “inadvertent admission”.

Moscow assures British actions will not go unanswered

On November 1, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov had already mentioned during a press briefing “data indicating that the management and coordination of the attack on Sevastopol Bay was carried out by British military consultants” , as well as “evidence that Great Britain is involved in sabotage, in other words in the attack against a vital energy infrastructure” which are the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines. He pointed out on this occasion that he s It was an “international” infrastructure given its importance for the energy supply of multiple countries, and deplored “the unacceptable silence of European capitals” on this subject.

“Acts of this kind must not be left unanswered,” he added, adding that Moscow was considering “next steps”, in other words sanctions against London. For the time being, the identity of those responsible for the sabotage of the two gas pipelines has not been established by the joint investigation carried out by Sweden, Germany and Denmark, from which Russia was dismissed to its great displeasure.

The spokesperson for the Russian presidency also returned to the rumors reported on October 29 by the British newspaper The Mail on Sunday claims that ex-Prime Minister Liz Truss’s phone was hacked by “Kremlin agents”, giving them access to confidential conversations about the war in Ukraine and detailed discussions of arms shipments to kyiv.

“Unfortunately, the British media currently offers little reporting that can be taken seriously,” swept Dmitri Peskov, giving no credit to “tabloid reporting”.

“Without giving evidence, the Mail on Sunday nevertheless appealed to two security experts who, while citing other potential spy countries – China, North Korea or Iran – claim that Russiais at the top of the listbehind this type of piracy”, for his part commented Le Figaro about these “revelations” from the British tabloid. The Labor and Liberal Democrat opposition nevertheless called for an investigation into these national security issues, the Conservative government not wishing to comment in detail on the cybersecurity devices deployed to protect the means of communication of the leaders.

While a rumor on the same subject, relayed by the ex-boss of the pirate site MegaUpload, Kim Dotcom, reported a message that Liz Truss would have sent to the Secretary of State of the United States, Anthony Blinken – writing to him “It is done”, a few moments after the explosions having affected Nord Stream – Russian officials have demanded an explanation in London.

In a message picked up by the Russian Embassy in the UK, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova demanded an official response “Frankly, I don’t care who got this information and how. I am interested in London’s response to the following question: “Did British Prime Minister Liz Truss send a message to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken saying ‘It’s done’ immediately after the pipeline explosion North Stream?”


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