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Bride-to-be applauded for kicking bridesmaid out of wedding: ‘File a police report’

A story of broken trust and shattered friendship was recently shared by Reddit user Kayelle-99 on the popular subreddit r/AmItheA******, where she recounted a harrowing experience with her maid of honor , called “M” in the post.

The post alleges that M took money given to her by Kayelle-99’s fiancé, called “J”, to use for a bachelorette party and instead used it to pay off card debts unrelated credit.

The Reddit community was quick to rally around her and offer their perspective.

Many members of the Reddit community have expressed their support for Kayelle-99. One Reddit user expressed their outrage, saying: “She stole money from you and it looks like it was a good amount of money too.”

The user further pointed out, “Stealing $25,000 is insane. Blame it to everyone and file a police report.…Turn off the ignition and let the law handle it at this point.”

After confronting M and discovering the truth, Kayelle-99 felt that the breach of trust was too serious and decided to remove her from the marriage.

A photo of a bride and two bridesmaids holding bouquets. A recent post on Reddit alleges that a bridesmaid took money she was given for a bachelorette party and used it to pay off unrelated credit card debts.
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One user expressed their outrage, saying: “Make sure your family understands that this ‘beloved sister’ has become a conniving thief. You cannot trust her because she has already proven herself to be a betrayal of trust. friend about it. You can choose to forgive him. But you can wait as long as necessary and it doesn’t have to be.

Another Reddit user was stunned by M’s mother’s audacity, suggesting forgiveness because M had “benefited financially” from it.

The user pointed out: “Yes, when you steal money you benefit financially in the short term. But those chickens have gone home. Tell her if she pays J back every penny before the wedding then she will be able to participate. … She’s a fucking thief and a very bad friend.”

The bride angry with the bridesmaid
A bride raises her hand dismissively. Friendships have been tested in the story behind a recent Reddit post about a bride and her bridesmaid.
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Supporting the sentiment for legal action, another user commented: “OP is better than me. My fiance and I would have filed a police report. She stole a significant amount of money, not change. Play play stupid games and win stupid prizes.”

This incident highlights the complexity of friendships, trust, and the difficult choices that present themselves in the face of betrayal.

As Kayelle-99 navigates this difficult time with varying reactions from those around her, her story reminds us of the paramount importance of trust, integrity and respecting personal boundaries.

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