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Boxing: “The boxing community mourns the death of Ardi Ndembo”… The Congolese dies a few days after suffering a knockout

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In a coma since April 5 and a knockout received during a fight in Miami, Ardi Ndembo ended up passing away.

Sport is a source of happiness but it is true that sometimes certain misfortunes can happen, as was the case for Ardi Ndembo. Aged 27, the Congolese passed away following a fight lost in pain.

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After having multiplied his exploits in the world of amateur boxing, he began a professional career, crushing everything in his path. On April 5, when he had a record of 8 victories and 0 defeats, he went to Miami as part of the “Team Combat League”, a professional team boxing league in which the Congolese took the field. ring under the banner of a team from Las Vegas, we learn in the columns of Le Parisien.

But after just one minute of fighting against the Cuban Nestor Santana, Ardi Ndembo suffered a brutal technical knockout which plunged him into a coma for three weeks. This Friday, April 25, he finally succumbed to his injuries, announced the “Team Combat League”.

The boxer leaves behind two children. A fund was opened to financially support the family.


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