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“Border arrests have increased by more than 30% for 2 consecutive months”

President Joe Biden’s aides authorized a record influx of about 300,000 migrants across the US border in August, according to a report published Thursday in the washington post.

Leaked data shows that “arrests at the border have increased by more than 30% for two consecutive months,” according to the report. Job reported.

This accelerated influx is likely to spark more protests, especially in Democratic-run cities that have taken in most low-wage migrants.

Biden’s mass influx gives birth to nearly one migrant for every American birth, not counting the additional government influx of about 2 million legal migrants and temporary indentured laborers. This government-ordered population boom is driving down Americans’ wages — while also pushing up inflation, house prices and investor stocks.

WATCH: More than a dozen migrants rush to the beach in Florida’s Palm Beach County

Joey Fago

The influx at the border is up sharply from influxes in June and July, in part because more migrants are coming through open doors and legal loopholes predicted by pro-migration Biden border chief Alejandro Mayorkas.

The August influx included around 180,000 migrants who allowed themselves to be arrested, registered and released, compared to 133,000 in July and 100,000 in June. Once released, migrants can find employment to pay off their smuggling-related debts.

An additional 50,000 migrants were invited by Mayrokas’ “CBO One” phone application to be registered and released at official border entries.

Another 30,000 migrants from four countries have been invited to enter the United States by air through the possibility of parole which is currently being considered in federal court in Texas.

These lanes invited 260,000 migrants to cross the Mayorkas border in August, a third more than the 210,000 received in July.

Some migrants will be deported. Since May, 620,000 migrants have been allowed to enter the United States, but authorities have excluded or repatriated only 200,000 migrants, according to the ministry. Job reported.

The August floods brought a record influx of migrant families, the Job reported:

The US Border Patrol arrested at least 91,000 migrants who crossed the border in family groups in August, surpassing the previous one-month record of 84,486 set in May 2019, under the Trump administration. Families were the largest demographic group crossing the border in August, overtaking single adults for the first time since Biden took office.

The official figure of 260,000 for August does not take into account the roughly 50,000 “escapees” who squeeze past the thin line of distracted border guards to avoid Mayorkas’ record and release program.

Mayorkas has repeatedly stated that he will not deport the illegals unless they are convicted of crimes. These migrants are allowed to find employment, which allows them to pay off their smuggling debts and later bring their wives and children to the United States.

That inclusion of getaway numbers would bring Biden’s August influx to around 300,000, or a rate of 3.6 million per year.

In June, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that only 3.66 million children were born in 2022, many of them children of illegal immigrants. The number of births in 2022 was “a non-significant decline from 2021, the CDC reported.

In addition to the massive influx of migrants at the borders, many migrants arrive in the United States on tourist visas or student visas – but with the firm intention of accepting employment in the United States, often long after the expiration of their visa. Border authorities block very few of these job-seeking migrants, but in August they barred 21 self-declared students from India’s Telangana province.

The massive influx of legal, temporary, and illegal migrants from the federal government has already marginalized and replaced many Americans in the economy, especially in the high-paying tech and healthcare sectors. Over time, the illegal and legal influx will allow foreigners to quickly replace more Americans seeking decent jobs, careers, housing, and even a seat in Congress. .

The economic shock of migration also makes it difficult for Americans to have a home, a family, children or a stable life. In 2022, an estimated 100,000 Americans died prematurely from despair, drugs, and government inactivity.

Admin Biden continues to free migrants in Texas border town

Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas

But investors are welcoming Biden’s flood of migrants.

Biden’s migration policies ‘could add 500,000 additional workers over the next three quarters above trend levels and significantly narrow the gap between jobs and workers’, helping to sustain wage gains nationwide just 1.5% above inflation, according to an Aug. 28 report from Goldman Sachs. .

Similarly, a May 2023 study prepared for West Coast investors on FWD.us reported that migration suppresses wages and drives up real estate prices:

The presence of immigrant labor can generally help local communities alleviate sudden labor shortages, especially in sectors such as construction and hospitality. But as immigration declined before and during the pandemic, those jobs went largely unfilled, leading to extreme labor shortages and rising wages. In other words, inflation has risen partly because of the tightening labor market.

The Mason researchers find that this sudden shift in population is associated with a reduction in labor supply as well as upward pressures on wages and house prices. These upward pressures can lead to higher wages, which then lead to increased costs for consumers.

In Florida, for example, the Republican government’s crackdown on illegal immigration has boosted wages for construction and landscaping workers.

“Immigrants with legal status are in high demand, and they know it… (and) they want the best price,” complained Murrie Mehrer, owner of a small landscaping business in Lakeland, Florida. She added:

When you find one, they want the best price. We can’t afford to pay someone a day what the average yard pays us in a month… When you find someone who has all the qualifications, be prepared to pay them close to $200 a day.

The only way to stop the influx of Biden is for Republican Party members in Congress to ban any spending in 2024 that promotes the influx of migrants. This political battle will take place over the next few weeks as the House and Senate draft the spending bills for next year.

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The federal government has long pursued an unpopular economic policy of extraction and migration. This colonialist policy extracts huge amounts of human resources needy country, reduces beneficial trade, and uses imported workers, tenants, and consumers to grow Wall Street and the economy.

The influx of migrants succeeded forced to lower the salaries of Americans and also increased rents And housing costs. This influx also caused many native-born Americans to abandon their careers in a wide variety of industries and contributed to the rising death rate poor Americans.

This murderous policy also sucks jobs and wealth from the nation’s heartland states by subsidizing coastal investors with a flood of low-wage workers, high-occupancy renters and government-assisted consumers.

The influx of people also reduce politics weight of native-born Americans, because the replacement of the population allows the elites and the establishment to separate themselves from needs And interests ordinary Americans.

In numerous speeches, Borders chief Alejandro Mayorkas said he was building a system of mass migration to provide workers to wealthy employers and investors and “equities” to poor foreigners. The country’s border laws are subordinated to the opinion of the elites on “the values ​​of our country”, says Mayorkas.

Migration – and especially labor migration – is unpopular among influential voters. A 54% majority of Americans say Biden is authorizing a southern border invasion, according to an August 2022 poll commissioned by the center-left National Public Radio (NPR). The 54 percent “Invasion” majority included 76 percent Republicans, 46 percent independents and even 40 percent Democrats.


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