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Biden is creating the worst illegal immigrant crisis ever

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US border security is about to go from terrible to worse than it has ever been.

The number of illegal aliens entering America in 2021 was an all-time high at over 2 million. President Joe Biden’s reckless immigration policies in his first year have led to the most lawless southern border in decades. And while Border Patrol’s daily arrests of illegal aliens are already sky high, the Biden regime is poised to blow the hinges off the doors to a wide-open border with catastrophic consequences for American sovereignty and statehood. by right.


Border Patrol agents work at a checkpoint at an entrance near the Del Rio International Bridge. (Brandon Bell/Getty Images)
(Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

With the White House’s recently announced decision to end the authority of Title 42 – a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regulation that allowed a portion of illegal migrants to be deported from US soil during the COVID pandemic – the steady stream of illegal migrants is about to turn into a tsunami. It will also lead to increased criminal trafficking of opioids across the southern border, at a time when the United States already suffers more than 100,000 overdose deaths annually.

In the first six months of fiscal 2022, there have already been a million migrant “encounters” (the DHS’s preferred euphemism for apprehended illegal immigrants) at the southern border. The Border Patrol’s current arrest rate – around 8,000 a day – is already well beyond its maximum capacity of 5,000.

In just over a month, DHS officials estimate there could be as many as 18,000 illegal migrants apprehended at the southern border every day. Based on migrant flows already collected or underway, there could be nearly one million illegal migrant border crossings within six weeks of the end of Title 42.

If the wave of illegal migration is even close to this level, it will completely overwhelm the system. Border Patrol will be stretched past the breaking point. Every aspect of immigration enforcement at the U.S. border with Mexico will be in frantic triage mode.

And it appears to be exactly the Biden plan: let migrants flood the system. The Biden administration simply doesn’t want to stop the flow of illegal migrants — in fact, the left wing of the Democratic Party is adamantly in favor of bringing illegal migrants into the country at will. Every immigration policy decision they make goes in that direction.

Biden entered office calling for a 100-day moratorium on all deportations. Over the past year, domestic immigration enforcement has been almost entirely disabled, part of the systematic abuse of executive branch “prosecutory discretion”. President Biden chose to end the “Stay in Mexico” policy of his predecessor, President Trump, which had proven effective in restoring border control in the face of widespread abuse of US asylum laws by illegal immigrants.

The Democratic base simply wants the status quo to continue, hoping that soon a massive amnesty will create millions of new Democratic voters. But the American people are still – overwhelmingly – opposed to illegal immigration, which means the Biden administration will focus on optical control at the southern border. They won’t stop the flow of illegal migrants, they will try to hide it, with plenty of help from their allies in the media.

The Biden White House isn’t worried about its constant mockery of our immigration laws. They choose that. What concerns them is the possibility that another convoy of 15,000 people – possibly several at a time – will camp at our southern border and demand entry into the United States.

While DHS monthly arrest numbers look bad, massive crowds of illegals on TV — some literally wearing “Biden” T-shirts as they try to end our immigration laws — leave a truly lasting impression on voters.

Biden is creating the worst illegal immigrant crisis ever

YUMA, ARIZONA – DECEMBER 07: Immigrant men from many countries are arrested by US Border Patrol officers at the US-Mexico border on December 07, 2021 in Yuma, Arizona. Most had come with their families through a nearby breach in the border wall the previous days to seek political asylum in the United States. The women and children were first transported to the processing facilities. Border Patrol detention centers in Yuma have been overwhelmed with thousands of new arrivals, many families trying to reach US soil ahead of the court-ordered re-enforcement of the Trump-era Stay in Mexico policy. The policy requires asylum seekers to remain in Mexico for the duration of their legal immigration process in the United States. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)
(John Moore/Getty Images)

Democrats are heading into what will likely be a disastrous midterm election, and illegal immigration is still a top concern in national polls. So the Biden-Democrat plan is going to make the entry of illegals into the United States as transparent (and invisible) as possible.


Once Title 42 is gone and the expected avalanche of illegal migrants begins next month, they will deploy additional DHS resources and various bureaucrats not to protect US sovereignty at the border, but to assist in its systematic violation. .


An overstretched Border Patrol will be forced to use “alternative to detention” processes to bring in – and then release – anyone who enters illegally and does not pose an immediate security risk. Most illegal immigrants will be told, under some version of the honor system, to show up once on American soil and enter the immigration system themselves. This is a de facto open border and an absurd proposition.

Biden and the Democrats may not believe in our own national borders, but most Americans still do. The anarchy will only get worse unless Democrats are made to fear election annihilation in November. This settlement must emerge, or our southern border will disappear.


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