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Best all-in-one banking apps in 2021 • Benzinga

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Mobile banking is one of the most unique financial tools you can use. However, many financial platforms go even further by providing all-in-one digital banking services to customers. Finding all-in-one banking apps broadens your horizons and gives you access to more financial tools than just a checking account.

Think outside the box and take a look at what these powerful apps will do for you.

What is an all-in-one banking app?

An all-in-one banking app gives you several features, including a mobile account ledger. Verifying your account from your mobile phone or tablet helps you feel comfortable with your account status.

Mobile banking lets you stay on top of your finances, wherever you are. There’s no need to lie down at a computer or call the company when you can check the ledger yourself.

Benefits of all-in-one mobile banking

All-in-one mobile banking offers consumers a series of benefits. You might not realize how much freedom there is with a mobile app – and even more freedom is found when you bank almost entirely online.

The benefits of a mobile app that enables all-in-one banking include:

  • Access to every account in one place
  • Money transfers to your accounts and others
  • Access even when traveling
  • Easy to reach the customer service team
  • Push notifications

Along with the power provided by an all-in-one app, you get the peace of mind that comes with consistent access to your bank account.

What to look for in an all-in-one banking app

When looking for an all-in-one app, you need to consider all the other things it can do for you. Look beyond the standard items listed above. You want to know that your mobile app goes above and beyond to get it right.

You might not realize how powerful an app can be, but there are some things that have gained popularity in the industry. Expecting more from your bank is a good thing. As your bank grows, you gain financial freedom and flexibility. To look for:

Secure banking protocols: In addition to the account username and password, you want your financial platform to use multi-factor authentication. If you’re using an Apple device, it should ask if you want to use Face ID. Plus, you want the company to make sure you’re not responsible for unauthorized charges, alert you to potential fraud, and even allow contactless payments.

Investment services: Investing with your bank or financial partner is easy because you can transfer money from the investment account to your checking account and vice versa. Look for mobile apps or digital banks that let you buy cryptocurrency, invest in stocks, buy exchange traded funds (ETFs) and more.

Get paid early: You can get paid before your paycheck arrives, helping you get the money you need long before it’s needed. With such services, cash flow is no longer a problem.

Awards: Looping an in-app rewards program pays consumers for their loyalty.

Cash advances: No need to get a cash advance from a credit card when your financial institution can do it for you.

Loan products: You can build your credit with a small loan from your favorite financial partner. Applying through a mobile app and managing everything digitally is easier for everyone involved.

Who benefits from an all-in-one banking app?

All-in-one apps are useful for everyone, but they are aimed at certain types of consumers who need (sometimes greedy) the simplicity and accessibility of these apps.

Busy professionals can view their accounts throughout the day, often transacting on the go. You can check your account at the airport, on the bus, train or even in a taxi.

Parents can use all-in-one apps to check their balances during a long day of shopping and running to their kids’ activities. Plus, parents can often use all-in-one banking to help their kids learn more about money or even offer a digital allowance.

Students are often so busy that they can never go to a bank branch to conduct their business. Plus, students who want to enroll in disparate undergraduate and graduate programs travel quite frequently – they can take a mobile app with them.

Business owners can use online financial platforms to make sure they have the money to complete certain tasks. Plus, you can manage your business investments, apply for loans, or get cash advances all from the same app.