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Bernard Guetta: “Vladimir Putin’s political provocation in Belarus is failing”
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Bernard Guetta: “Vladimir Putin’s political provocation in Belarus is failing”
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While migrants are instrumentalised by Belarusian and Russian leaders at the border of Europe, Bernard Guetta, MEP of the Renew group and vice-president of the Civil Liberties Committee, gives us his point of view on the geopolitical aspect of this maneuver. He also returns to the treatment inflicted by the Georgian authorities on former President Mikheil Saakashvili and the place that Europe must hold on the international scene on human rights issues.

Geopolitical pass of arms at the Europe-Belarus border

Bernard Guetta denounces “trafficking in human beings” at the border of Europe with Belarus. according to him, it is “a political provocation organized by Mr. Putin and his protégé Mr. Lukashenko, aimed at disuniting the EU”. But it is underlined the reaction of the 27 who “understood perfectly that it was not a question of a migratory crisis, but of a political provocation in the face of which it was necessary to remain united”, reason for which “back pedal and asks Alexander Lukashenko, who was only his instrument in this affair, to backpedal with him. ”

Bernard Guetta supports the various waves of sanctions against Alexander Lukashenko, because “they mean that the European Union does not recognize his fraudulent election does not consider him a legitimate president of his country.” “We talk to him, since he is a de facto authority. But do we recognize it, do we lift the sanctions? No.”

EU political weight

“The European Union is asserting itself as a political power” affirms Bernad Guetta, who qualifies “it will not be done in 3 years, it is a long process, but the state of mind has totally changed in the 27 capitals of the Union and in the European institutions. “He explains this by” the Russian threat, or in any case Putin, which has become clearer, the economic, political and military challenge of China which has affirmed, and the Americans who have confirmed their gradual disengagement from the European theater. “The defense and foreign ministers of member states therefore unanimously adopted a” strategic compass to say that we must work for a common defense and a common foreign policy, since there is no defense without a foreign policy ”.

Nord Stream 2

For Bernard Guetta, the big question around Nord Stream 2 is: “do we put it into operation or not?” Because he fears that Europe “will put itself in the hand of Russia” if it depends on gas deliveries by this pipeline. That said, this could constitute a lever for Europe because “Russia has a phenomenal need for its economy, for its exports, for its income of foreign exchange, to have a customer. And that customer is the EU. There’s no other. “” It’s really I’m holding you, you’re holding me by the goatee. “

Mikheil Saakashvili

Worried about Mikheil Saakachvili’s state of health, he said he must be able “to be transferred to a civilian hospital, where he will be treated by the doctors of his choice”. Bernard Guetta has also signed a letter asking the President of the European Commission “to ask her to act in this direction” with the Georgian authorities because “it is really a question of life and death and there is no there is no reason for former President Saakashvili to be sentenced to death. ” He points out that Mikheil Saakachvili is “a man of bloodshots, impulses, kicks in the door and he is paying for it. But the punishment is really much too severe and totally unacceptable ”.

The EU and the former Soviet republics

Since the fall of the USSR, some former Soviet republics have expressed their desire to join the European Union. But relations between the EU and these neighboring states are not peaceful. According to Bernard Guetta, “the European Union is wrong. Russia has much bigger wrongs, but the EU is wrong because it does not say things. (…) If we do not want that these countries can integrate the EU, it must be said and draw political consequences; if we wish, we must say it and draw political consequences, we cannot remain in this vagueness, because this vagueness benefits the Russia, which is trying to increase its political pressure on these countries ”.

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