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Australian Federal Election 2022: Anthony Albanese and Scott Morrison make last-minute campaign stops in Victoria as Australia votes – live news |  Australian election 2022

Paul Karp

On Radio 3AW, Scott Morrison says he “won’t telegraph where he’s going”, but his office has already said he’ll be at McEwen and Chisholm today. He rattled off other important electorates: dunkleyto the southeast and Corangamitein Outer Geelong.
Morrison was asked about Josh Fridenberg and did not commit to going to Kooyong, but launched the treasurer:

He’s full of beans, he’s tireless, Josh is full of energy all the time and full of passion and commitment to his local community. I mean, we all have the opportunity to serve as MPs and especially in the roles that Josh and I play as Premier and Treasurer because of the tremendous support we receive in our own communities…it’ is an outstanding local member, not just an incredibly good treasurer. and Josh is such an important part of the government and party team and its future… I encourage people to come back to Josh because Josh is supportive in his community and he is supportive in Australia.

On the choice between Labor and the Coalition, Morrison said:

[Australians are] Make a decision on who they want to run the nation’s economy and finances because that will determine their opportunities in the years to come. Because if you can’t manage the money, you can’t support Medicare, you can’t do all that is necessary. We have invested $19.1 billion in fixing our senior care system. All of this needs a strong economy behind it. And we have demonstrated that we have this strong economic plan, which puts downward pressure on rising interest rates and rising costs of living.

Australian Federal Election 2022: Anthony Albanese and Scott Morrison make last-minute campaign stops in Victoria as Australia votes – live news |  Australian election 2022

Paul Karp

Scott Morrison begins the day in Melbourne, with trips to Labour-held McEwen in the northern suburbs and Liberal-held Chisholm in the east planned. Morrison said he started the day with a prayer, waking up next to Jenny, his wife of 30 years.
Morrison’s first interview was on Sunrise, where he gave a speech on the economic recovery from Covid – check out this fact check on the bold claim that Australia’s recovery is leading the world forward.
Morrison was asked about his low approval of women and if it bothers him. He said:

No, look, I don’t take anything personally in politics. I seek to understand what people think of these things and this is an area where I clearly need to communicate better.

Morrison went on to shake up statistics on the gender pay gap, how women have benefited from tax cuts (although not as much as men, it should be noted) and other policies for women. , including the budget package on endometriosis.
Asked about his biggest regret, Morrison said:

Well, I’ve said it many times. I wish I could have weaponized the vaccine deployment sooner and brought in General Frewen sooner. We have a wonderful health department but that’s the thing in the middle of a pandemic you don’t do everything right but when you don’t do everything right you come back out there and fix those issues and that’s what we are able to do with General Frewen. What I hope for the future, and I think it will be, is that we are entering a new period of opportunity.

Josh Butler

Anthony Albanian kicks off Election Day in Melbourne, giving a series of morning TV interviews from the Melbourne cricket ground.

Asked about the polls and tonight’s result, he said the numbers ‘indicate a swing towards Labor in the primary votes’, before delving into a series of footy metaphors. He said:

I’ve said, throughout my tenure as Labor leader for three years, that we would be the wind at our backs in the fourth quarter.

I’m here at the MCG, the fourth quarter is what matters and I hope to finish ahead when the siren goes off at 6 p.m. tonight.

Albanese added that the country could not afford three more years and urged voters to “give Labor a chance”.

Albanese will host a media event this morning in the Liberal-held seat of Higgins before returning to his home in Sydney to vote himself. He is expected to hold a press conference around noon.

You may have missed the result of two polls released late yesterday which indicated a Labor victory.

Polls from Roy Morgan and the Australian Newspoll released late on Friday showed a two-party preferred vote of 53 to 47 in favor of the opposition – enough movement towards Labor for it to claim victory.

The Roy Morgan poll predicted that Albanese would emerge from the election with a majority. The polling firm, however, warned that the high level of support for smaller parties and independents meant there was a good chance that its projected majority victory for Labor would not be confirmed tonight as preferences were distributed and postal votes counted.

Both polls follow the Guardian’s Essential poll on Wednesday, indicating an equally slim but sufficient Labor lead.

Hello everyone, I am Nino Bucci and welcome to election day! It’s been a marathon campaign, but now we’re in the stadium, wrapping up the final lap.

Both candidates start the day in opposition territory: marginal seats they hope to win to become prime minister.

Scott Morrison starts his day in Victoria, in the marginal seat of McEwen, which is held by the Labor party Rob Mitchell.

Anthony Albanian also visits the voting booths in Victoria first this morning, starting his day in the marginal seat of Higgins, which is held by the Liberal Party Katie Allen.

We expect both candidates to do a series of media interviews before most of you get up to speed, so stay tuned for updates.

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