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Andrew Tate claims big tech banned him after ‘large swaths’ of people agreed with his ‘masculine values’

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Internet personality and former kickboxer Andrew Tate claimed big tech de-platformed him because he “had large swaths of the population accepting very traditional masculine values” Thursday in a preview for “Tucker Carlson Today on Fox Nation.

“They banned me just because large swathes of the population accepted very traditional masculine values,” he told host Tucker Carlson. “…I have a very traditionally male life. I have fast cars and a big house and lots of money and a beautiful girlfriend, and they thought it was very, very threatening.”

“And for some reason they decided it was best to wipe me out of the internet and replace me with someone who is more in line with what they are trying to claim.”

Tate has been accused of sexism, drawing criticism from the left for his advocacy of traditional gender roles. He was criticized for quotes from clips which he said were taken out of context.

“What happens is when I say these things, they ignore 95% of what I say,” Tate said. “They ignore me saying avoid bad quality men. And they take the moment when I say avoid women who are dishonest. And then they put it on a reel – a very short clip three or four seconds, and then they say I’m a misogynist and I’m dangerous to women and should be banned.”


He said manhood is “very, very difficult” and men’s issues are mostly overlooked, adding that elitists claim to care about these issues but have silenced him.

Young men today feel “very disgruntled” and invisible because they don’t feel aligned with the agendas imposed on them, Tate said.

Most of the world’s young men are denied access to the “sex market”, he added, because social media has made them invisible.

“If you go to an Instagram feed, you have extremely beautiful women… But the only men who have followers are men with huge social status, right? Men with Ferraris and money or rappers or people who have YouTube channels – interesting people.”

Average men with normal jobs, on the other hand, “don’t really exist” online, Tate continued, saying they struggle to gain followers on Instagram, no one responds to their direct messages and they “don’t really matter”.

“It’s very difficult for you to get any acknowledgment that you’re still alive.”

As a result, many men feel lonely and lost, he said.

“And I was, to a degree, defending their issues by saying, ‘Look, maybe it’s unfair, but that’s how the game works. You must become a man of importance. You must become a man of importance. influence, or you will suffer the pain of being invisible forever. This is how you do it.'”

The “completely and totally self-taught” man was not trying to change the rules of the game, he said, but rather to show men how to “win”.


Tate also claimed that many men are “so depressed” because they feel invisible. Women’s expectations that they are “strong and smart and funny and interesting with a nice apartment and a fast, big, well-connected car” are too much for them to bear, he said.

Men are under ‘tremendous’ social pressure and unhelped by social media companies, whose mass banning of a personality who ‘advocated’ for men’s issues demonstrates a lack of interest in young men, a he continued.


“They want to get rid of me and try to replace me with something they see as much more malleable – trying to create people [who] are more malleable and easier to program and [easier] control.”

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