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Analysis: the text allegedly from Rick Perry smokes a gun in the texts of Mark Meadows

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“Here is an aggressive strategy: Why not [sic] states of GA NC PENN and other state houses controlled by R declare that this is BS (where conflicts and elections do not start that night) and simply send their own voters to vote and make him go to SCOTUS. “

Just to be completely clear, here is what was on offer the day after the election: in any state that had yet to be called up for Biden or Trump and or any state where there were “conflicts” where Republicans controlled the state legislature, they would simply have to declare the election moot and send their own preferred voters instead.

This is – in case you missed every civics class in high school – deeply anti-democratic. The mere fact that a state was not convened the day after the elections is absolutely no reason to bypass the electoral process.

Many states – especially those with large populations where the race is tight – take a day (or two or three) to count all of their votes. This has always been true, but even more so in the 2020 election in which the Covid-19 pandemic led to many more mail ballots rather than in person.

Make no mistake: what is being proposed is the denial of the right to vote for millions of voters who followed the rules and deserved their votes to be counted.

The sentiment expressed in the text to Meadows largely echoed the tone of Trump’s speech late on election night, as the outcome was still highly uncertain.

Here is the key point:

“It’s a fraud on the American public. It’s a shame on our country. We were preparing to win this election. Frankly, we won this election. We won this election. So our goal now is to secure. integrity for the good of this nation. This is a very big moment. This is a major fraud in our nation. We want the law to be used properly. So we will go to the Supreme Court of United States. We want everyone to vote to stop. We don’t want them to find ballots at four in the morning and add them to the list. OK? This is a very sad moment. For me, c It’s a very sad moment and we will win. And as far as I’m concerned, we’ve already won it. “

Trump was determined to lead a narrative that because he was ahead in a handful of swing states – like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin – anything that changed that result meant there had been voter fraud. . But, that has never been the case. Nowhere were nearly 100% of the constituencies declaring in any of those states when Trump made his declaration of victory.

What Trump was trying to do was declare he won the game even though he won by one point with three minutes left in the third quarter. This is not how it all works.

Trump’s speech – and the text we know now was sent to the then president’s chief of staff on November 4 – makes it clear that an effort to undermine democracy was underway even as votes were cast in many. States were still numbered. These were not irregularities in the voting that took place weeks after the November elections. It was about stopping an election while you were still ahead – democracy be damned.

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