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Akhenaton combats health policy and the media – RT en français
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Akhenaton combats health policy and the media – RT en français
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In a forum, the rapper criticizes in turn the “disproportionate” reaction of part of the medical community and the media to the Covid, health measures that would be a “political tool”, or even “corruption” by the industry pharmaceutical.

On January 12, rapper Akhenaton published a long column entitled “The master and his parrots” in which he criticizes the health policy carried out by the government as well as those who support it and their media outlets.

“Personally, professionally speaking, I have nothing to gain by taking a stand, as a father, friend and husband, I cannot be silent, it is a question of honor, of common sense, of honesty and coherence with 30 years of texts “, explains the singer of the Marseille hip-hop group IAM, affirming that it is the opinion of Professor Grimaldi in the JDD which” motivated him to clarify [ses] positions once and for all ”.

The reaction from part of the hospital and media community was disproportionate

“Fear … Here is the worst of the global pandemics”, he then declared, affirming that “the reaction of a part of the hospital and media environment was disproportionate” and that “the politicians and their industrial friends are engaged in the breach, in the West and then in the whole world ”.

Akhenaton goes on to recall that “the public hospital has been suffering for twenty years” and that “the working conditions of the staff are very difficult”. “The people you should target and who have crushed our health system can, thanks to you, buy a savior costume full of generosity”, then launches the artist, targeting Professor Grimaldi who had asked the question of sorting patients in intensive care and wondered if a person claiming the free choice not to be vaccinated should “not consistently assume his free choice not to be resuscitated”.

Managing the pandemic, a “political tool”?

Akhenaton continues with a more political analysis: “The pandemic was a political tool to counter the insurrectionary phenomenon and what did the French government do? He chose to copy the disinformation strategies of their opponents of the extreme right (especially American) to counter his opponents ”. “The shy left has gone from pink to brown, repeated unreal lies, false figures, overseas fellow citizens treated as voodoo priests, false promises, false news, erased videos, blocked social network accounts,” he accuses then, before deploring the inaction of “lots of new fact-checkers who only check what suits their bosses”.

The government, their parrots and part of the legislature draw their absolute weapon: the one who does not agree is a conspirator, an irresponsible and a neo-Nazi sympathizer

“To avoid criticism, the government, their parrots and part of the legislature draw their absolute weapon: the one who does not agree with them is a conspirator, an irresponsible and a neo-Nazi sympathizer”, then analyzes the singer, who said to have “the feeling of being stuck between neo-Nazis and new Nazis”.

“The French must understand once and for all that a good half of the health professions is corrupted by a pharmaceutical industry which brews billions of euros and dollars”, then accuses the Marseillais, wondering why “we do not cannot be vaccinated with Sinopharm ”, the Chinese vaccine.

Finally, Akhenation says he is “particularly sad and worried” to see “to what extent our youth is impacted, stigmatized and suffers from this situation”. “They are the least affected by viruses and they are the most targeted by the banning measures,” he said.

“We repeat everything the master says in a hysterical and unreasonable way”

Asked about RMC on January 13 from this forum, Akhenaton expressed himself in these terms: “In a crisis situation which is linked to health, politics takes precedence over sanitary common sense and […] we repeat everything the teacher says in a hysterical and unreasonable way. The master is the president [Emmanuel Macron]», He then specifies. The singer then said that his text was “a plea for empathy and contact”, explaining that “this distance that has been put between the French, in opinions but also in physical contact […] all this has contributed to the loss of French society completely ”.

Asked about the words of Emmanuel Macron who said he wanted to “piss off” the unvaccinated, Akhenaton said he found them “very childish, very naive”, specifying that what had bothered him most was “the fact of saying that someone who does not get vaccinated and an irresponsible, and that an irresponsible is therefore a non-citizen ”. “That, I do not know if a president did it before”, he wondered.

In his gallery, Akhenaton had challenged the Head of State in these terms: “Mr. know a country in Europe, or the nationals who are mentioned in the Pandora Papers.

While he had been positive for Covid-19 during the summer of 2021, Akhenaton had once again confirmed in an interview published on January 7 that he did not want to receive injections with the current anti-Covid vaccines. “I am not anti -ax, I am anti-ce-vax.” “I am immune,” he also explained to justify his non-vaccination. On September 2, he criticized the health pass by pointing out what he considered to be political inconsistencies on the part of the government.

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