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Abdallah Candies launches national recall of almond candies mislabeled as containing no nuts

How Abdallah Candies grew from a family-owned store to a national business

How Abdallah Candies grew from a family-owned store to a national business


A Minnesota candy company is recalling a product sold nationwide because the boxes containing the treats are mislabeled and do not list nuts as an ingredient, posing a serious health risk to allergy sufferers.

Abdallah Candies is recalling 8-ounce boxes of “sea salt almond alligators” with a label of chocolate-covered cherries and the code 0315 on the bottom, the California-based chocolate, caramel and candy maker said Tuesday. Apple Valley, Minn., in a published notice. by the Food and Drug Administration.

“Individuals who are allergic or sensitive to almonds are at risk of a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products,” the recall states.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, food allergies are a growing food safety and public health problem that affects 6% of adults and approximately 8% of children in the United States.

Food allergies cause tens of thousands of emergency room visits each year, and up to 200 Americans die from anaphylaxis, a sudden and serious allergic reaction, the federal agency said.

Image of a box of recalled “Alligators with Almonds and Sea Salt.”

Food and Drug Administration

The recalled candies were distributed nationwide and sold in specialty retail stores, grocery stores and other retail outlets from March 1, 2024 through March 29, 2024. Consumers who purchased the candies were advised reminded to destroy the product or return it to the place of sale. purchase.

Consumers with questions can call Abdallah Candies Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time at (952) 890-4770 or (800) 348-7328.

Image of the back of the box of recalled Abdallah Candies Sea Salt Almond Alligators.

US Food and Drug Administration

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