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80s Model Carol Alt, 63, Reveals Her Weight Loss Secrets for the New Year

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Carol Alt reveals her secrets to being in shape for 2024.

The 80s model, who recently joined OnlyFans, shared some tips and tricks for kickstarting any weight loss goals after the holiday season.

“A protein load earlier in the day will make me feel fuller,” the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl told DailyMail.com on Monday.

The 63-year-old noted that starting the day with a protein-rich shake will keep you feeling fuller for longer during the day.

And right before she leaves, Alt likes to stock up on fruit, so she doesn’t feel the need to snack, especially during a festive get-together with friends.

“The early protein charges me up and the fruit fills me up,” Alt said. “This way I don’t eat too much. Sometimes I can make a soft fruit ice cream or a fresh fruit juice just before leaving.

According to the outlet, Alt said staying hydrated also keeps her from mindlessly overeating, especially when she goes out at night.

“I drink water all evening because it fills me up and keeps me hydrated,” she explained. “Putting a lemon or lime in it also makes me feel like I’m drinking something, so people don’t try to give me something because I’m empty-handed.”

“…If you must drink alcohol, cut your drink with seltzer spritzers, tonic water, or simply cut your alcohol with water to get the flavor but not the calories,” advised Alt.

Model Carol Alt, 63, noted that starting the day with a protein-rich shake will keep you feeling fuller longer during the day. Getty Images for Netflix

And whenever you feel like snacking, load up on veggies, the Vogue pin-up suggested.

“If I’m going to a friend’s house, I always bring something I know I can eat,” Alt said. “So I eat with everyone…carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers. They are tasty. You have to keep coming back to it and picking it, or you can carry a plate around while you shuffle. You can eat it with your hands; you don’t have to wield a knife and fork that gets in the way. Lemon, cold-pressed olive oil, and salt for dipping are also healthy.

Alt told the outlet that a common mistake people tend to make when maintaining their weight loss goals is not getting enough shut-eye.

“The funny thing is, I’m always hungry when I’m tired,” Alt said. “So if you take an afternoon nap before you go out… that can help too.” (And) doing a small workout daily reduces your hunger. Never deprive yourself, but aim for healthy things. Eat (a) minimum amount to be able to pass the test, but without overeating.

Alt has appeared in more than 700 magazines throughout her decades-long career. She appeared on the cover of SI Swimsuit in 1982 after being photographed by John G. Zimmerman in Kenya. Alt was hailed as “The Next Million Dollar Face” by Life Magazine and soon after, Playboy came calling, crowning her “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World.”

Alt, who recently joined OnlyFans, shared some tips and tricks to kickstart any weight loss goal. Getty Images

In July, Alt told the outlet that a raw food diet and committing to regular exercise were her secrets to looking and feeling young.

Alt went raw in 1996, Page Six previously reported. She has since written several books on the “life-changing benefits” of the diet.

The diet is known to be made of natural and less modified ingredients. According to Women’s Health magazine, foods are cooked below 118 degrees Fahrenheit. The outlet noted that foods include fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, extra virgin olive oil and raw coconut oil. The raw food diet reduces processed ingredients and instead favors fruits and vegetables.

Alt previously told Parade magazine that she eats “clean, organic, unprocessed foods.”

In 2020, Page Six reported that Alt was following a no-nonsense workout routine.

She alternates between using a Pilates PRO chair and a Core 46 machine. She also cycles in the sauna, jumps on a trampoline, lifts weights, and does lunges and squats. Parade magazine also reported that Alt liked Yogalates, a combination of yoga and Pilates, as well as cardio.

Alt said staying hydrated also keeps her from mindlessly overeating, especially when she’s out at night. Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows

On her website, Alt said she preaches “eating 75 to 95 percent raw.” She eats grass-fed meat and fresh fish that are not farm-raised.

“Seventeen years ago I lived on Afrin, Tums, and Tylenol, just to name a few of the over-the-counter medications I wouldn’t leave the house without,” Alt wrote. “Today, I’m not taking any. When people ask me how I did it, I just say I changed my diet. When I say I got raw, that’s where I lose them. They are all angry and frustrated and tell me they can’t be as disciplined as me.

“The amazing thing about switching to a raw diet is that I was able to eat more, I was never hungry, I never felt bad and I always had energy,” she shared. “And today the vintage is everywhere! Once you know what to look for, you’ll be shocked at how easily available, delicious, and healing it is.

In 2017, Alt opened up to Fox News Digital about what inspired her to revamp her lifestyle.

“I have to say it started out of vanity,” she said at the time. “I was on set, I was 34-35 years old. There was a 22-year-old model… Everyone was attracted to her because she had this energy and exuberance for life. She was jumping around and having fun…she put me to shame. She really did it. I just stared at her in fascination.

“I wasn’t angry or jealous towards her,” she explained. “…But I thought, ‘How did I go from that… to feeling so tired and bloated and ugly?’ I’m hiding behind rocks and I don’t want to be here. What happened?’ I started researching and I started praying because I realized something was happening.

“I tried everything,” Alt admitted. “I tried the Beverly Hills diet, but I was throwing up frozen blueberries because it was disgusting… It was horrible. I tried not to eat – it’s not good for me.

According to Alt, it was a friend who suggested the raw food diet. And after trying, she started feeling good about herself again.

“All these things that made me suffer, I no longer thought about them,” she insisted. “Like heartburn, headaches, sinuses, infections – it never bothered me again. It was almost immediate relief from these problems. We are not told that all of this has to do with food. We are simply told: “Buy a pill. » Changing my diet was all I had to do.

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