19 products to send with kids going to summer camp

Popular items from this list includes:

  • A pack of portable, battery-operated LED bulbs that kids can easily clip onto their bunk beds when they need light for late-night reading (or pillow fights – shh, that’s OK, we won’t tell not). Plus, they’re way cuter than a normal flashlight.

  • A truly ingenious two-in-one Mist ‘N Sip water bottle that will quench thirst and spray a fine mist to keep them cool for a day of uninterrupted fun in the sun.

  • Or a tiny but powerful portable misting fan to provide a cooling mist and cooling breeze when temperatures soar, while the soft kid-friendly blades won’t accidentally hurt little fingers.

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A pack of portable battery-powered LED bulbs

FYI, these battery-powered bulbs have three light modes: high, low, and strobe.

Promising review: “Got these for my daughter for summer camp, and since then my kids have found so many fun uses for them – forts, indoor cupboards, night light. They love them.” — Btrevino


A truly ingenious two-in-one Mist ‘N Sip water bottle

Promising results:I got this for my son to take to summer camp. He likes this role of gentleman in summer. I’m more sure that he can spray other kids rather than using it to cool off. Either way, it’s a water bottle you can freeze and stays pretty cold all day. He lost it on the bus the first week of school, but at least he survived the summer. Guess I’ll buy another.” – pen name

Promising review: “Perfect for summer camp. My daughter uses these water bottles for summer camp. She loves being able to fog up. It helps him stay cool when they are outside in the summer heat.” — Coccinelle7310

Or a tiny but powerful portable misting fan

Promising results:My daughter was the star of summer camp with this! It works really well. Stayed all day; we charged it at night. During these hot and humid days, a camp was necessary. My daughter has made many friends; everyone kept asking.” – Nobodysbi


A camp version of Mad Libs

Promising results: “I was looking for some cute items to send in the mail from summer camp. You can’t go wrong with Mad Libs. Kids find them hilarious, and this camp version was perfect as a summer camp gift. I love that they also get a quick grammar review when they do these Mad Libs.” – Joy


Herbal insect repellent

Promising results:This is the best insect repellent I have ever purchased.I sent two middle schoolers to summer camp in the deep woods, each armed with a bottle of this as my only bug protection. Neither of them had a single bite. Two weeks later we took the same two bottles on vacation where the whole family of five applied it twice a day for a week. Again, no bites even staying late. After the two weeks of camp and one week of vacation, we used less than 25% of each bottle. A little goes a long way. It’s long lasting, effective and no one in my family has had a skin reaction. Caution: Do not spray when people are close to you and downwind. The spray can turn into a fine mist to burn the eyes. Also, some people may have a bad reaction to the ingredients. If you give this to your kids, make sure they don’t share it and are aware of their surroundings when applying. Still, even with that, I’ll buy it until they stop making it.” – Angry Face

Rebecca O’Connell/BuzzFeed

Or an insect bite suction tool

Available in two colors.

Promising results:
“My youngest daughter is still a mosquito magnet (even with repellent) and suffers every summer. We’ve tried antihistamine cream and pills with little relief. I thought, meh, even if it doesn’t work, c was only $10. This. Thing. East. IMPRESSIVE! I already bought an extra three pack so I can always have one in my purse and for my kids to take one with them to camp. This provides instant relief. Of course, the sooner you use it, the better! It’s a must for anyone who spends time outdoors.” – Justin Stojsih


A UNO Emoji Game

UNO Emoji puts a spin on the regular game with a new type of action card; when you play it with an emoji face card, the next player must create and maintain the face shown on that card. If he does not hold the expression for two turns, he must draw four cards! The first player to reach 500 points wins. When you’re down to one card, don’t forget to yell “UNO!”

Promising results:It was a great addition to my surprise summer camp backpack for my daughter. Almost everyone knows how to play UNO, and the fun emojis made the kids laugh.” Onthego247

A microfiber towel

Available in 10 colors and six sizes.

Promising results:
I bought two of these for my boys to use on pool days during summer camp. They worked great and kept them from lugging a damp terry cloth towel in their bags. They wear them around their necks, and by the time they got back from the pool to the park, their towels were dry.” — RTVM


And a pack of cold towels

Simply soak the towel in cold water, wring it out and give it a few squeezes to feel instant relief.

Promising review: “Really works and refreshes you 🧊I saw a mom post about this in a moms group and had to get it. My daughter’s summer camp is outdoors all day, and the past week has been brutal with the weather in the 90s. I ordered them hoping they would arrive quickly, and they were there within two days. I love how they came in four different colors with the matching plastic sleeve and colored clips. I wet two of the towels and put one in the freezer and one in the fridge. In the morning, I put the frozen with his lunch. She told me that a bunch of other kids at camp all had these pads and she was really glad to have them. She must have loved it and because she asked me to always pack it on hot days.” – Jessica


A pack of glow-in-the-dark scrunchies

Promising results: “I got these for camp. The girls loved them and got lots of compliments.” —Hannah Dever


A mini freezable snack box

Available in 10 colors and prints.

Promising results:
This snack holder worked great for my oldest child, who used it for summer camp to keep his snacks cool, and it really kept him cold enough for snack time. I love how spacious it is inside; you can really put a good amount in it. This snack pack is very resistant and easy to clean inside. I also love the pink clip that can clip onto anything, making it easier to carry and more accessible too!” — Jeanine

A large durable mesh laundry bag

Promising results:I bought this to send with my son for summer camp, and it did the job.Durable enough to drag over grass, cement, dirt and sand (because he’s lazy), and he didn’t wear or tear at all. Its size was also perfect for a week of laundry!” — KiKiBree


A lightweight folding chair

Available in 13 colors.

Promising results:
Large camp chair. My daughter brought it to camp, and it was her go-to item for two weeks.” —DB0913


An SPF 70 sun stick

PSA: This stick really works when you apply it correctly. Just be sure to remind your kids to spread it evenly.

Promising results:My son has to put on his own sunscreen at summer camp, and he was struggling with the lotion (he is 5 years old, he has some in his eyes); it’s a lot easier for him!” – Heather

Promising results:My child was able to self-apply at summer camp, and it was very effective in minimizing his exposureconsidering he was out at the beach for six hours a day.” – eMonkey


A bedside storage basket

Promising results:Great buy for summer camp! Ideal for odds and ends that campers need to keep up with but don’t have the storage space for.. For my RV, it contained four books, two large spray cans of sunscreen, a large bug spray, a small flashlight, two small Kleenex packets, a Chapstick, a small bag of fidget toys, a Rubik’s cube and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. The velcro is strong, thank goodness, and the caddy attaches easily to the bunk bed. Delivered without damage and on time as promised. The price was perfect too. I would recommend it to any camper!” — M


A stylish and practical wheeled duffel bag

Available in four sizes and in 32 prints.

Promising results:
“My daughter has several camps this summer and needed her own bag to pack everything. She’s now at her second camp, and this duffel bag is the perfect size to store all her stuff while still being easy to move around. The wheels are very practical when the bag is weighed down. Plenty of space and stylish.” — alice james

A cult pair of Native shoes

Available in 27 colors and in sizes 1 toddler–12 big kid.

Promising results:
“This shoe is perfect for summer camp! My son can run and play, and also go swimming, then put it back on and keep going. I’ll buy a second and maybe even a third pair.” – Michelle E.

Promising results:My son’s summer camp does not allow open back sandals such as Crocs so while looking for a replacement, found these water shoes perfectly comfortable. He wears them regularly. Happy son – happy mom!” – Juba


A headlamp

Available in six colors.

Promising results:
“This was purchased for my 12 year old to use for a week long night camp this summer. It was easy for him to figure out how to handle and it provided lots of light. As a bonus it came in purple. It did the job!” – SOUTH DAKOTA

A shower basket

Promising results:I gave it to my son last summer to use at summer camp. He said it worked great for him and there were enough individual pockets for him to keep the bottles/toothbrush/toothpaste separate. The center section was large enough for a full size towel to be rolled up in the center. Seems solid when there’s stuff in it.” — rebelangel

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